At Call Locksmiths Sydney delivers a high quality service at a competitive price to all our clients based in Sydney, where no job is too big or small. At Call Locksmith Sydney have been in business for over 30 years and we believe in being up front with our customers. Call us up, and yes ask the price in advance. We will let you know to the best of our knowledge. When it comes to fitting a new lock on a door it helps to know about the kind of door so we can fit the correct type of lock. Not all locks are suitable for all types of doors. Commercial customers have different requirements to domestic customers. Our locksmiths carry with them all different types of locks and hardware so we can fit it to both domestic and commercial doors. People have different requirements. Some people want to over secure without thinking about fire safety regulation. Better security these days does not mean having more locks installed on every door. Goods security practices mean being able to get out fast especially in the case of fire or in a home invasion. For example fire rated locks need to be installed on all fire rated doors in apartment blocks. Dead latches with touch type automatic release are allowed to be used in these situations. Once the key opens the door the dead latch on the inside should now have a signal, in most cases represented by a green dot so you know the lock can be opened by using your fingers to turn the knob being on the inside. While you or anybody else is inside the lock needs to stay in this position. If you fit a deadbolt which is not fire rated, the landlord will ask you to replace it at your own expense. They may only find out at the end of the lease when they inspect the premises. Don’t risk using a non fired rated deadbolt as you are endangering occupants. By using a fully licensed locksmith they will have all the knowledge so you won’t pay for something which you will need to replace in the future.The main door which you open to enter directly in your apartment needs to be 90 minute fire rated standard. This door is specially made and fitted so any fire coming from common areas can’t enter your unit. Fire should not be able to escape from your unit to common areas through the front door for a period of up to 90 minutes. Normally when you are renting a flat or a home a tenant is not going to spend money on installing a new lock unless you have good reason. It is the responsibility of the landlord to make sure that you have locks which are in good functioning order. If locks are not working correctly you should notify your agent or the landlord so action is taken. A tenant is aloud to get a lock re-keyed at their own expense. Once re-keyed you will also need to provide the landlord or their agent with a copied key.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality locks without compromising our competitiveness while offering a complete lock service to homes and businesses throughout Sydney. We are also able to cut most types of keys on the spot, however if you are in need of non restricted key cut and still have a copy of the original or previously copied key, we recommend you try one of the many

Mobile Locksmith Sydney Vans Come To Your Suburb of Sydney 24/7

Our mobile locksmith workshops come to your home, business or roadside location with hi-tech-key duplication cutting facilities on board. We are specialist in door lock openings for cars, homes & business 24/7. Lock barrel and padlock combination code changes can be performed by our experienced mobile team. We can repair most locks, however we need to look at the cost effectiveness in relation to the purchase of a brand new lock. Our vans carry all types of deadlocks which are supplied and installed to fit your door. You will be impressed by our large range of hardware, handles, knobs and fire rated doors we can supply. Locked out of a safe, no a problem. We are able to unlock doors with no damage to your equipment.

Break & Enter Mobile Service Sydney Within 60 Minutes Sydney & Surrounds

Often house burglaries may occur with no sign of an actual forced entry. Not knowing can be a common cause of this type of home intrusion at your Sydney location.

If you suffered a break & enter our professional mobile locksmith can normally be at your location in Sydney and suburbs within 60 minutes of the call. We will clean up and lock up so intruders will not be able to re-enter.