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After reading the various different topics on this blog from the West Midlands of the UK, you will straight away realize that Rick the pick is a locksmith with lots of integrity. He talks about lots of different subjects which can be beneficial to customers searching for a real local Locksmith Midlands who has built up a good reputation in his community. Rick talks about such issues as the ups and downs of running a small business in one of the most competitive trades and services industries in the UK. Don’t go passed checking out Rick the Picks excellent tips on his experiences with different types of locks.

Andrew McColley is the owner of Andrews Lock and Key, your reputable locksmith Mesa. He is a hard working locksmith who gives his customers true up-front pricing and sticks to his word. His tries to educate people on how to find a good locksmith. Unscrupulous other locksmith operators in Phoenix have been giving the industry a bad name. Watch here how Andrew from the locksmith show caught a scammer who quoted one price on a car lockout and ended up wanting to charge 5 times the original quote. Good on you Andrew, it shows your strong feeling for the industry.


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  1. Adelaide SA has its fair share of of unscrupulous operators posing as bona fide locksmiths, as we have had on occasions had to go out and rectify their shoddy work. One issue in South Australia is that there is no requirement for locksmiths to be Registered or licensed, thus leaving the industry open to to cowboys. I also agree that numerous false websites relating to locksmiths have appeared. Contact ABC Locksmiths Adelaide for all Lock and key requirements.

  2. Check out http://www.thelocksmithshow.com live in Phoenix, AZ on Independent Talk Radio 1100 KFNX on Sundays at 11AM on 1100AM radio or you can listen and watch the in-studio videos that are uploaded within a few hours after the show airs live.

    Andrew McColley owner of Andrews Lock and Key and Charley Eastwood owner of Locksmith Charley spend an hour talking about the locksmith industry and the future of licensing and regulations. They have other professional locksmiths and consumer calls live on the air discussing various lock and key needs. Tune in and give us a call if you want to chat!

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