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Here we try our best to put you in contact with the right locksmith for your requirements in Eastwood. We always recommend for customers using this page to try to use a local Locksmith. Using a local should make the response time quicker. You may even save money by calling a locksmith closer to Eastwood in preference to a furthur away suburb.

Are you searching for an Emergency Locksmith who operates during normal business and after hours. Lockouts happen without no warning and for this reason they are never a routine procedure for the customer requiring the Lockout Service.

Mobile domestic and commercial locksmiths service include repairs of existing locks, replacement of locks and the installation of touch pad locks. Some of the more common jobs which your local locksmith will provide include security screen locks, window locks, fitting new deadlocks, setting up key access for restricted systems, re-pinning of existing locks and producing keys to fit locks when existing keys are old, worn out or lost. Commercial customers may require master keying for certain areas of their business.


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  1. Hi,

    I need to rekey to locks to my doors and windows. There are:
    – 1 main entry door with 1 screen door
    – 1 sliding backyard door
    – 1 backyard door
    – 7 windows.

    Kind regards,

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